What you might do in Canada

Imagine this post is a picture-book of British Columbia, except somehow the words and pictures got separated. Try to follow along.

British Columbia Trip Photos

A couple of months back my mom, grandma, and brother came to visit me up here. I took a couple of days off and decided to make my first venture north of the border. We woke up before the crack of dawn to drive up to Anacortes to catch a ferry that left at 7:45am for Vancouver Island, by way of the San Juans. Our destination was the city of Victoria. As you might guess, there is a slight relation between a city called Victoria and the various “Victorian” things out there like architecture. Although we were in Canada, it felt like we were in a quaint British town near the coast. Or at the very least what I think that should feel like, since I have never been to Great Britain.

The most interesting that happened on Vancouver Island was probably our visit to the Butchart Gardens. There are plenty of photos that Ara and I took at the gardens in the photo gallery. We spent no more than a day and a half on the island. The funniest thing I saw while on the island was this kid with shoes that made a rubber ducky sound with every step she took. Allow me to show you a short clip of what we stood next to for several minutes while checking out a castle.

We left the high tea people in Victoria and took a ferry over to Vancouver.

That city reminds me a lot of San Francisco for some reason. The first night we checked out an Italian restaurant downtown, Don Francesco Ristorante. What we didn’t expect was a full page in the menu of wild game. We’re talking the works here; wild boar, quail, partridge, rabbit, pheasant, duck, bison, reindeer (Ara had it), and ostrich, which is what I had. We were a little hesitant at first glance (well I was, Ara will eat near anything), but we figured we should try some when we had the chance. The Ostrich was a relatively tender meat with a strong aroma and taste that was most similar to lamb. Ara’s reindeer was almost like a filet and probably a bit more enjoyable. While we were there a large wedding party near us cracked open a giant $1000 bottle of wine; the waiter who opened the bottle grabbed the cork and stuck it in his pocket and could later be seen smelling it again and again.

Stanley Park was beautiful. While there I got to show off human superiority over squirrels. I would throw them empty pistachio shells and they would frantically try to find something edible in them. Mutually entertaining? Maybe not.

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