Vancouver Fireworks Show “Celebration of Lights”

Back at the beginning of August, Anurag, Rodney, and I drove up to Vancouver to meet up with some more folks and check out the final night of Vancouver’s “Celebration of Lights” fireworks competition. The team representing Mexico was performing that night, plus the grand finale to close out the show.

The show takes place by English Bay, but they really should have called it Crazy-Rude-People’s Bay. Everyone who wants to see the show goes to sit at the beach on the bay. Now we’re not talking just a few hundred people here; there was probably tens of thousands of people there to check out the event. There were no open areas; the place was just crammed full of people sitting on towels and tarps on the sandy beach. Part of our group had arrived early and saved a spot for us very close to the water. All we had to do was get to them and we would have a place to sit and enjoy the show.

This was easier said than done since apparently the crazy Canucks at the event thought they were sitting in a VIP box at a stadium instead of an ultra-crowded beach filled with thousands of people trying to enjoy a free show. Groups of people would refuse to move the slightest bit to let us pass and get to our friends. Two girls got real cheeky when I tried to get by them and started screaming and cursing; one of them even threw her sandal at me.

Despite the barrage of footwear, and narrowly avoiding a fight after being mistaken for some guy who trampled a little girl, we did in fact finally get to our group and took our seats. The show put on by the group from Mexico was arguably the most impressive fireworks display I have ever seen. Lucky for me I don’t have to stumble over words to describe the show to you; you can just watch some of it below. I took a few two-minute clips of it on my digital camera and strung them together to make the video you see here.

I was also lucky since I happened to go to the show the night that the winning team performed (there were four nights/teams).

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