Samsung’s iPhone Killer Won’t Kill a Fly

I guess Samsung has decided to join the raft of players trying to come out with an “iPhone killer”. Or maybe we should just start calling them iPhone hangers-on? Check out a picture of it:


I’m sure if I actually used this phone I could come up with a whole host of reasons why this thing won’t come close to an iPhone. But just by looking at this image let’s go with:

Why have they taken up a giant chunk of the space on the home screen to inform me that I am looking at “My Shortcuts”? You know, it is probably a pretty intuitive guess these are my shortcuts since you know, it’s my phone and, well, these are the shortcuts on it. Seems to me like that screen space could have been used a lot more efficiently by showing an additional row of shortcuts or increasing the size of the same ones.

I’m sure Apple is trembling in their boots.

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