Sweet Mac Music Video for Again and Again

I just came across this music video in the Delicious/popular feed and thought I’d share it for two reasons. First, the music video is pretty amazing and I gotta think that it took the creator quite a while to put together. It is hard to describe so check it out right here:

Also, the song is pretty cool and I had never heard of The Bird and The Bee before.

This music video is a pretty good example of the way people are mashing and mixing things up in our globally connected world with all these digital tools at our disposal. At the same time this music video is a portfolio piece for its creator as well as a hype-generating machine for a lesser known music group. I think it is a win / win for both parties.

Let’s hope the group is not signed with a draconian music label that tries to get the video taken down or, maybe they’ve already got permissions figured out. Either way, I think it is tremendously valuable for people to be able to do little things like this to “add value” to existing art or work by others. Each group adds their own layer of creativity or thought and, as long as everyone is given their due credit, I think everyone wins.

Update: I guess the song does have its own music video that you can watch on YouTube.

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