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The Dream Team and CS162

Friday, April 30th, 2004

So for those of who don’t know, I’m enrolled in CS162 this semester. That’s the Introduction to Operating Systems course for us EECS and CS people at Cal. So far it has been an interesting class and one that I’ve enjoyed…like most of the CS classes I’ve taken. Last semester I took my first upper division EECS course and for those who haven’t heard by now, it turned out a disaster. My partner for the projects dropped the class right before the project was due and … well I’m tired of telling that story.

Luckily, this time around I’ve got a great group of partners working with me on the projects and its made the experience much better. Now last week we were working on our third project which involved adding virtual memory capability to our operating system. If that term even means anything to you, please in the future, don’t take it for granted. Its one helluva thing to program. Most of us spent almost 50 hours in Soda last week working on that project. One doesn’t spend that many hours with these guys in a basement room surrounded by computers without coming away with some funny stories to tell. These won’t make much sense so its more like I’m indulging myself with these.

Siamack saying calmly, “Bring me unloadSections().” Of course we promptly handed it to him (it hadn’t been written at that point).

Arjun suggesting, “Hey guys, we can mod it with 2.” Referring to our counter variable looping from 0-2 and manually being reset to 0 if it was greater than 2. Leave it to Arjun to take the long way around.

Lastly, we found out that its fun to say the name Siamack with a lot of oomph. Even more-so when you’re frustrated with something. SIAMACK. SIAMAAACKKKK!!! Its almost like the Wrath of Kahn thing from Star Trek from Seinfeld from…nevermind, who gets that reference? Hehe, if you do you’re cool like me.

Anyway Rahul called me yesterday to tell me we aced the project so those hours in the lab paid off. Hopefully the last project goes just as well.