WWDC Update #1

Wow. I am loving WWDC. It has been great so far. Its the second day of the conference, although the students here on scholarship, including myself, started a day earlier.

The Keynote
There was Steve’s keynote where he delivered the blow that shocked the PC world. Apple is not only switching the processors being used in their computers to Intel or x86 based processors but, they have been secretly been building, running, and testing Mac OS X on such systems ever since its inception. This is incredible since almost all of the software that Apple produces for the Mac (I’m not sure about the Pro Apps) seems to be already ported and ready to go for the new platform. Now its up to the rest of the developer’s to kick it into gear and do the same.

I finally got to see Steve speak live instead of on a webcast. He’s got showmanship and charisma to spare. He controls a room of 3,800 developers as easily as a pen on paper.

The Sessions
I would love to tell you about all the cool sessions I’m attending and the things I’ve been learning but, well, I can’t really share anything about the sessions, as much as I’d like to. Apple has told us to keep our mouths shut 🙂

Its nice to be up in the Bay Area again. I must say that I already feel like I missed it a bit. I had lunch with the Mann brothers today and that was interesting as always. If anybody is interested in doing IT consulting work on either Macs or PCs in either the Bay Area or the Los Angeles area, please let me know and I will put you in touch with the guys at Mann Consulting. That’s where I worked last summer and they’re a great place to work.

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