WWDC Update #2

WWDC is over and I am back home in LA. Still can’t say much about the sessions but we did see some cool things all over the board. Core Data and Cocoa Bindings are quite neat but at the same time they are quite a bit confusing too when it comes to doing actually useful and slightly complicated things with them. I also learned that Core Data was a translation of WebObjects stuff into Cocoa.

I took the day off from the conference’s mostly boring and uninteresting schedule on Friday to bike across the Golden Gate Bridge with my roomy from the hotel room, George, and another guy from Australia, James. We went from Fisherman’s Wharf all the way to Sausalito, then took the ferry back to Pier 1, then rode back again to Pier 41. It was great fun and it happened to be great weather after a week of semi-cloudy or rainy weather. I’ve posted pics from the my trip here.

I also saw The Longest Yard, with Chris Rock and Adam Sandler. Normally I would not have enjoyed this movie very much; but after a long day in-doors at the conference talking code, it was great to sit back for some really brainless laughs. If that’s what you need it will serve you well.

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